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What are the benefits of joining ANPS?

ANPS is the only professional organization in Indonesia started by schools for schools. As a member, you’ll always be well informed so you can confidently make decisions and provide leadership on educational issues. We will also help you promote excellence in education practice and achieve a positive impact for students.

You will have access to valuable professional support, strategic briefings, quality professional development and a range of connections designed to
enhance your school’s reputation

Membership benefits and rewards in summary:

  • Being part of a unique community that is at the forefront of educational thinking and practice;
  • Being able to participate in active networks that promote best practice techniques that enhance student learning;
  • Have access to information and practical ideas that you can implement;
  • A membership that encourages the participation in diverse activities across schools e.g. musical productions, Battle of the Bands, debating;
  • A membership that can enrich your own school’s ability to offer breadth of activities;
  • Help set standards by applying for ANPS accreditation;
  • Help set standards in education by engaging in debate around curriculum in the teaching profession with fellow educators;
  • Keep your own knowledge and that of your staff up-to-date by attending ANPS and Center for Professional Learning (CPL) briefings, seminars and conferences;
  • Have access to member discount prices on seminars and conferences, some not available to non members schools e.g. Emerging Leader, New or Inexperienced Teachers conference, Annual Conference;
  • Receive a member discount on activities organized by the Centre for Professional Learning;
  • Be a welcome visitor at another school to learn from their successes and mistakes;
  • In time, access a member only section of the ANPS website;
  • Access teacher training courses to upgrade qualifications and refresh practice;
  • Access marketing opportunities to promote your school;
  • Discounts on relevant educational products and software.

Get involved in YOUR Association. ANPS is always to keen to receive suggestions for improvement, offers of assistance and contributions to its
effective management.

ANPS is a not-for-profit organisation. It is run by volunteers – people who themselves are leaders in education, busy people who are committed to best practice in education.

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