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The Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS) came into existence in 2000 to promote and facilitate education ideas and establish networks within and among Indonesian National and Private schools.

ANPS has three broad purposes:

To advance the interests of National and Private Schools throughout Indonesia by identifying, maintaining, supporting and verifying acceptable educational standards in member schools;

To provide numerous and varied professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators employed by ANPS member schools;

To represent National and Private schools to governments and the external community, where and when this is necessary and appropriate.

*To comply with the new government regulations on SPK (PermenDikbud No. 31/2014), and to accommodate the needs of schools beyond our current membership-base, we are changing the name of the ANPS to the Association of National and Private Schools (previously known as the Association of National Plus Schools). The name change reflects the association’s growing dynamic and welcome all schools, i.e., national, national plus, and private schools with international standard.  It is noteworthy that the ANPS is working closely with DIKNAS in an advocacy role for all non-national schools in Indonesia. 

Thank you to Fixtel for installing our Business Phone System at our Australian office. It was very kind to supply Avaya Phone system for our staff.